ISOeyes offers 4 standard combi vision chart fronts and 7 single vision chart fronts
to The 60×60 cm LED vision chart panel

Combi charts are equipped with both adult and child optotypes on the same vision chart.
This avoids switching between adult and children's charts.

for the 60x60cm LED panel 

The eye chart fronts are delivered standard as 3 meter charts, but can be delivered calibrated at all distances between 2.5 and 6 metres.
Equipped with the measurement units: Fraction, Decimal, LogMAR and VAR score.
Mounts easily on ISOeyes LED vision chart panel 60×60 cm with magnetic binding.

NOTE: We supply many other optotype constellations and test distances. Choose Custom design at a modest additional cost.

for the 60x60cm LED panel 

The sight chart front can be delivered standard as 3 meter charts, but can be delivered calibrated at any distance between 2,5 and 6 metres.
Comes with the measurement units: Fraction, Decimal, LogMAR and VARScore.
Mounts easily to the LED display chart panel with invisible train track and magnetic binding.

Test distances between
2,5 and 6 meters

The eye chart front for the 60×60 panel can be delivered as a standard 3 meter eye chart front, but can also be produced calibrated at all distances between 2,5 and 6 metres. So it's a eye chart that fits any clinic room - and never needs to be recalculated!

ISOeyes lives up to
“The Golden Standard”

The 60 x 60 vision charts from ISOeyes meet all internationally recognized basic geometric principles for the construction of vision charts and optotypes.

 ISO 8596 and the Danish Health Authority

The chart construction is done in full accordance with ISO 8596 and the National Chart of Health's newest guidelines on the use of a logarithmic scale and construction with the crowding effect "the inverted pyramid".

 Correct light and remote control

With vision charts from ISOeyes, you can set the brightness and color temperature and compensate for the light conditions of the clinic room, so that a truthful vision test environment is created.


The 60 x 60 LED vision chart consists of 2 parts
+ a remote control:

  • A flat power saver LED panell of 60x60x5cm which due to the LED structure with 72 prisms delivers a completely even light over the entire light surface.
    Easily mounted on the wall and connected to 220V - with the possibility of hidden wiring.


  • Additionally, purchase one or more easily replaceable ones vision chart fronts, all of which are provided with optotypes  logarithmically installation - in full compliance with ISO 8596 and the latest guidelines of the Danish Health Authority.
    Used for screening for hyperopia (farsightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), Astigmatism  (construction defect) and anisometropia (refractive disorders and imbalances).
    Myopia (Myopia) is better tested with dedicated near vision tests from ISOeyes.



  • The panel is equipped with remote control, on which the light level and color tone can be adapted to the individual clinic room to establish an optimal vision test environment.


Individual vision test distance? - We deliver!

  • If the best position of the patient in the clinic room is 3.5 meters from the vision chart, then why not get a vision chart solution that is calibrated for vision testing at that distance?
    Then there is no need to convert afterwards. The measurement result fits!


  • At ISOeyes, the standard distance of the 45 x 45 cm vision chart front is 3 meters and we stock 6 different optotypes for this distance and can deliver within 2-3 working days. Should a vision chart e.g. delivered in 3.6 meters, it runs as a special production for a small additional price and 5 days extra delivery time.


Wood look or color on the frame?

  • The standard frame color of the sight chart front is white, but for a small additional cost the sight chart front can be delivered with a wood-look frame or desired color (RAL or NCS),
    so that the visual charts match the clinic's profile and overall interior design.  READ MORE 


Logmar and guidelines

Here you will find useful information about the Danish Health Authority's new guidelines and what yours mean for your vision tests.

Innovative thinking and unprecedented possibilities to get exactly the vision chart that suits your wishes and needs!

Explore your many new options to get exactly the eye chart you need!