The new guidelines:

(Decided but not yet published)

Measurement units and registration will be called LogMAR in the future:
Vision tests on eye charts charts must in future be able to be read and recorded with logarithmic values ​​(LogMAR) and not 6/6 or decimal values.

Requirements for the physical design of the display charts:

The 3-6 year olds:

  • The chart must be calibrated for a vision test at a distance of 3 meters.
  • The chart is equipped with figures (not filled symbols) or simple letter charts (HOTV or E). 
  • On each line are up to 5 symbols, but exactly 5 symbols is a requirement from LogMAR 0.5 the line (3/6) and down.
  • On each line must the distance between symbols be the same as the symbol height.
  • The distance between lines must be the same as the symbol height on the line above.
  • The symbols on the entire chart thus form one inverted pyramid with increasingly shorter lines.

School children:
Same requirements as for the 3-6 year olds.

  • However, charts calibrated for sight tests of between 3 and 6 meters are permitted.
  • Symbols on the charts are letters, numbers, Tumbling E or Landolt C.

The limit value to be used as a guideline for the cut-off point for referral to an ophthalmologist a logarithmic vision chart is LogMAR 0.2 – or higher.
(matching the previously used 6/9 value)

Charts from ISOeyes fully comply with the National Chart of Health's guidelines.

The charts are CE/MD approved and also comply with all regulations in the internationally adopted ISO 8596 standard for the construction of sight charts.

ISOEyes offers energy-saving LED charts with remote control in 4 sizes and supports all vision test distances between 2.5 meters and 6 meters. Furthermore, a wide range of optotypes (symbols on the charts) is offered so that all test environments for adults, pre-school and school children, illiterates etc. is supported.


Here just one of the ISOeyes charts – a 3 meter chart on a 45×45 cm panel


Click on the picture of the chart and see it in large size. Note that the chart lists both Fraction (6/6), decimal and LogMAR Values. This facilitates understanding and the transition to the new measurement units. The red line marks the normal vision level LogMAR 0.0 (same as 6/6 or decimal 1.0).


Logmar and guidelines

Here you will find useful information about the Danish Health Authority's new guidelines and what yours mean for your vision tests.

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