Charts for hanging from Danish ISOeyes 

Is there good uniform lighting conditions in the clinic room, so that vision tests can be carried out with a uniform test environment, regardless of whether the sun is shining through the window or not, - yes, you can now acquire vision charts intended for hanging with nails, pins or the like,  which comply with the Danish Health Authority's new guidelines. Guidelines which dictate the use of logarithmic scale and construction of the sight chart layout according to internationally accepted ISO 8596. 

As a starting point, ISOeyes supplies charts for vision tests at a distance of 3 meters,

  • but special charts of all sizes between 2.5 and 6 meters can be produced for an additional fee. Delivery time for special charts is max. 7 days. 

The charts  can be ordered as either single charts or combi charts.

  • The advantage of the combi charts is that the chart does not have to be changed when testing the vision of children and adults respectively.
  • All charts measure 45×45 cm and are printed on strong white washable PVC.

The following charts are stocked by ISOeyesi - other models are production orders.

Recommendations from the Danish Health Authority for the construction of visual charts and readings:

Measurement units and registration:
Vision tests on eye charts charts must in future be able to be read and recorded with logarithmic values ​​(LogMAR) and not 6/6 or decimal values.

Requirements for the physical design of the display charts:

The 3-6 year olds:

  • The chart must be calibrated for a vision test at a distance of 3 meters.
  • The chart is equipped with figures (not filled symbols) or simple letter charts (HOTV or E). 
  • On each line are up to 5 symbols, but exactly 5 symbols are a requirement from LogMAR 0.5 the line (3/6) and down.
  • On each line must the distance between symbols  = symbol height.
  • The distance between lines = the symbol height on the above line.
  • The symbols on the entire chart thus form one inverted pyramid with increasingly shorter lines.

School children:
Same requirements as for the 3-6 year olds.

  • Dog Charts calibrated for the synthetic test of between 3 and 6 meters are allowed.
  • Symbols on the charts are letters or numbers.

(The Danish Health Authority has announced these preliminary recommendations in spring 2023.)

Lighting conditions have a big impact on the vision test result!

If you want to offer children and adults the optimal vision test environment - then you should choose the LED vision chart from ISOeyes instead.

The new vision chart from ISOEyes

– uses LED light from 72 small prisms, which ensures a completely uniform illuminated panel, which ensures a fair vision test at all levels. And it is extremely energy-saving!

Here one of many models to choose from:
3 meter combi chart on 60×60 cm light panel) 

Click on the picture of the chart and see it in large size. Note that the chart shows both Fraction (6/6), decimal and LogMAR values. This facilitates understanding and the transition to the new measurement units. The red line marks the normal vision level LogMAR 0.0 (same as 6/6 or decimal 1.0).

When you have to change anyway, choose the best for children and adults!

In addition to the requirement to use a logarithmic scale, ISO 8596 also focuses on uniform illumination of the vision chart within a brightness spectrum of between 700 and 1300 Lux, measured from the sight test distance used.

Being within this spectrum cannot be achieved with arbitrary daylight or ceiling light in the fitting room. The light can fluctuate a lot, but will usually be below the minimal 700 lux. Likewise with the color temperature, which with the glare of sunlight will most often be too. warm a candle (below 3000 kelvin), and too warm light degrades the vision test environment.

With the new vision chart panel from ISOeyes, you can change both the lux number and the color temperature, so that the optimal vision test environment is achieved. You can achieve neither of these with the hanging charts on this page.


A myriad of options - get exactly the chart that suits you and your clinic room

ISOEyes offers energy-saving LED charts with remote control in 4 sizes and supports all vision test distances between 2.5 meters and 6 meters. Furthermore, a wide range of optotypes (symbols on the charts) is offered so that all test environments for adults, pre-school and school children, illiterates etc. is supported.

All charts from ISOeyes fully comply with the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority. The charts are CE/MD approved and also comply with all regulations in the internationally adopted ISO 8596 standard for the construction of sight charts.

Logmar and guidelines

Here you will find useful information about the Danish Health Authority's new guidelines and what yours mean for your vision tests.

Innovative thinking and unprecedented possibilities to get exactly the vision chart that suits your wishes and needs!

Explore your many new options to get exactly the eye chart you need!